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A free streaming service dedicated to curating and celebrating a growing content library of lost television programs

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Discover thousands of lost shows you never knew existed

All About the Andersons

Anthony's a struggling actor trying to provide a good life for his young son, Tuga. He makes the tough decision to move back in with his parents - and instantly remembers why he left. Tuga, however, reminds his father that this is the best way for their dreams to come true.

What people are saying

I have been searching for Jack and Bobby for years, and several other short-lived shows I still can’t find anywhere. Shilo TV will definitely be a platform I visit to watch Jack and Bobby and hopefully discover other lost shows for the first time!                                 

 – Dr. Cheryl Robinson

I don’t know how many more streaming services are going to be created, there are already too many in my opinion, but SHILO TV is honestly a very intriguing concept. I never thought of shows being lost to history, but I am looking forward to searching through the library and discovering some lost gems. Also, good to know the platform is free. Look forward to hearing more news soon.                               

- Emma Rice

As time goes on, more content will continue to be taken off these streaming services, as we have seen already, and possibly lost to history. Thank you SHILO TV. It’s great to know that there is a platform out there trying to make sure no shows become lost, no matter how short-lived they were. People worked hard on these shows, and they deserve to live on. Can’t wait till you guys launch!                                             

- Sal Moschella


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